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Old Forge - Tug Hill - New York State 
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  • GJBain - Is the Senior Trail  Reporter and has been with us from the start. GJBain and his wife ride the trails of the Old Forge Snowmobiling Region giving you videos, pictures and the latest happenings in Old Forge. This couple are experts on Old Forge. If you ride Old Forge make sure you check out GJBain's Forum
  • Tricountytrail - Is another Senior Trail Reporter and we count on him to give us the latest conditions on Tug Hill and beyound. Tricountytrail rides with one of the most hardcore snowmobile crew on Tug Hill. They are known across Tug Hill as high mileage and high speed riders. Bring your A Game if you ride with Tricountytrail and the Buffalo Crew. Go to tricountytrail forum daily for his exciting reports.
  • ​ Mr XRS and DebbieDoo - Are the owners and administrators of Sled Tug Hill. They ride the Tug Hill Snowmobiling Region and you can expect pictures or videos of the trails.  DebbieDoo was named for being a hard core Ski Doo fanatic by Arctic Cat riders. Debbie is known on the hill as a top female trail rider and is reconginized all over Tug Hill. Mr XRS and DebbieDoo will be giving live trails reports on Sled Tug Hill TV. Watch the streaming snowmobile show every Wednesday at 8PM EST.
  • Yorkchamp has worked hard giving trail reports for years at Sled Tug Hill. Yorkchamp is another high mileage rider. You can expect him to be out riding the triails of Tug Hill Friday Nights and many times has the first look at the trails for the weekend. He knows Tug Hill and gives reports south off the Hill also. Make sure you read Yorkchamps forum daily
  • PA Yamagirl - NEPA - SnoTrails are her domain. PaYamagirl and her husband will give you trail reports and pictures of what the conditions are at this private snowmobile trail sysytem. You can save lots of driving time by heading to NEPA Snowmobile Trails. NEPA - SnoTrails are only two and  half hours from New York City and minutes from Scranton.
  • The Sled Cartel - We are so lucky to have this organization as Sled Tug Hill Trail Reporters. They have members across the USA and Sled Tug Hill recommends you join The Sled Cartel and learn of all the benefits that come with joining. They ride west of Tug Hill, Tug Hill and everywhere in between. Make sure you go to The Sled Cartel's forum daily to see great reports and pictures
  • Ski1doo - Make sure you go to ski1doo forum if you ride Old Forge, South Warren or Lake George Snowmobile Region. He makes great videos and will let you know what happening in the eastern end of New York's snowmobile riding areas. Read his forum daily for up to date trail reports.
  • Icefly - We hope that Icefly will be able to give trail reports this year. Icefly was injured last year and was not able to ride his snowmobile. We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your trail reports on Sled Tug Hill
 If you are interested in becoming a Sled Tug Hill Trail Reporter please  register with Sled Tug Hill Snowmobile Forum and contactMr XRS for a interview.
Sled Tug Hill was designed for the snowmobile community. If you are interesting in going snowmobiling in New York. Plan your snowmobile vacation or weekend with Sled Tug Hill. Join our forum to get weather , radar, snow conditions, snowmobile trail conditions, trail cams and of our famous Sled Tug Hill Trail Reporters.
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