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Snowmobile Network Trail Reporters make Sled Tug Hill New York's up Hottest Snowmobile Forum. Sled Tug Hill Reporters are out riding the trails across Old Forge, Tug Hill, and the entire New York State Snowmobiling Region.. These men and women dedicate there time so that the snowmobiling community is informed of the trail and snow conditions of where they ride.. You can expect honest trail reports good or bad.
When you read snowmobile trail reports from Sled Tug Hill Trail Reporters you can be confident that you are getting up to date reliable trail reporting.
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Snowmobile Network Snowmobile Forum is using the latest techonlogy to keep you informed with Sled Tug Hill TV
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Our latest additon is a Interactive Snowmobile Trail Map and Google Interactive Maps. Both maps are packed with tons off features. Taks some time and learn them. Watch the video on Google Maps. The video can show you how to get home.

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Live Weather Radar and Weather Reports.that do cover the top of Tug Hill, Old Forge  and NE PA snowmobile riding areas.
The Tug Hill Snowmobile Forum has the famous Sled Tug Hill Trail Reporters posting the information you need before you make the long trip to snowmobilie in your favorite riding areas.
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Welcome to Sled Tug Hill, your #1 authority for all of your snowmobile adventures. Sled Tug Hill's dedicated reporters are the catalyst for making it New York's #1 Snowmobile Forum. Sled Tug Hill reporters actively ride the trails of Tug Hill. These men and women dedicate their time so that the snowmobiling community is accurately informed of the current trail and snow conditions for their next ride. Sled Tug Hill also reports on and promotes all local snowmobile club activities.

Due to "lake effect" storms, Tug Hill Plateau is famous for heavy winter snowfall. The Town of Montague, NY, located in the northwest corner of "The Hill", holds the "World Record of Snow in 24 Hours" of 77 inches on January 11 - 12, 1997. The annual average snowfall in Montague is 235 inches and is typical for most of Tug Hill Plateau. Tug Hill Plateau also receives the heaviest snowfall in the eastern United States.

The Tug Hill Plateau is located west of the Adirondack Mountains, south of Watertown, east of Lake Ontario and north of Oneida Lake and encompasses 150,000 acres with 1000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. The experiential quality for snowmobiling is unmatched in the eastern United States. Plan you next trip to "The Hill" and join our forum today!

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